Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SELF: Make love to your food. . .

What have you been waiting for? is what nourishes our physical body, provides many of us with comfort, and others are starving without it. In developed countries, food is readily available and often consumed rapidly and without gratitude. It is easy to forget all the steps it took to deliver each meal to our dining rooms. Alternatively, in under developed countries, food is part of survival and an integral part of each day.

What I have come to value from visiting small villages and underdeveloped communities is the attention put into consuming and preparing the food. I have watched an entire family prepare a feast for each other and then take the time to eat for hours on end. During the meals, they eat with their hands, laughing, and licking their fingers. Just watching everyone enjoy, makes my heart skip and my mouth water. This experience inspired me to start eating as many meals as possible with my hands.

If you want to begin making love with your food, I encourage you to leave the silverware in the kitchen. Can you imagine rolling around in bed with your lover with a utensil to avoid physical contact, until he or she was delivered to your mouth? Until next time...Try it! I will share a few more ways to make LOVE with your FOOD and the many health benefits.

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