Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gifts of Love!

Hello! I am sending you deep love from my heart
and gratitude from my entire energetic being.

I just celebrated my Birth-Day. Each year,
I count my blessings and give thanks for all the
beautiful beings and experiences that have
touched my life.

These include: the homeless person that has
spoken profound words, the innocent child speaking
the truth, and the tribe that surrounds me.

Which leads me to share this with all of you...

In January of 2009, I was called by the Hopi Indians to
come to the Hopiland and remember a truth that
was forgotten. I can only explain the calling that
I felt in my heart and my gut, one that was guided
by the highest power, LOVE.

We were being shown the Path to Home!

The "I" tried to ignore the Indians.
"I" tried because my 3-D mind had an endless excuses.
"I" was attached to my obligations already planned for the weekend.
"I" finally surrendered and drove 800-900 miles,
across the painted desert, in one day to the Hopiland arriving at 11:11 p.m.

The land spoke to me and connected
me to me to my inner being. I was being reminded of the US
that was buried deep within all of US. . .for this point-in-time.

On the first journey, as we arrived on one of the mesas.
We were guided to visit the 1st mesa (3rd mesa).
The native Indian explained,  "We have been waiting for you."
He welcomed US into the ceremony.
The sacred ceremony was with the White Buffalo
and as we watched the dance 3 times over that day.
Each time, more of the story was being revealed:
connecting US to the ceremony within the dance and
a story being revealed between each dance.

A story of the sacred marriage, the Union
between the masculine and the feminine within self,
between man and woman,
between native tribes and all beings on this planet
and between "man" and mother earth.

We were being reminded of the Union
that had been violated long ago
(and maybe only honored by a few).
We have always carried this Union in our heart
and in our DNA. We were called there to remember
these truths and asked to deliver the gifts that had
been placed within our beings at the time of creation.
Balance, Love and Truth!

They shared these stories with US
and welcomed US into their homes
and shared yet another story . . .
which finished at (but really started at)
the flower mound and the oldest part of the mesa,
a familiar place where WE use to stand.

I placed OUR hand on the flower mound and began
to pray for the earth, the snow, the sun, the wind and
the seeds of light to be birthed again. Then, a raven
appeared to lead us down the mesa to the 2nd Mesa
where we would sit in silence and pray over the valley floor.
We were lead from the Hopiland down to Sedona. A raven
and hawk guided us to where we were to travel to. Our
feathered friends showed us when to stop and connect
with the land. As I drove into Sedona, I knew that I would
be called back to the Mesas by the Hopis. While, they gave
me their numbers and invited me to the other ceremonies, I
knew I would have to just feel and listen to when I was to return HOME. 

Then, on my last birthday, I was called again
by the Hopi's to the Hopiland and for
two hours the rainbows appeared and lead us into
the northern dessert of Arizona. "I" understood
why they called US there once again. . .
to remind US what was forgotten...
the Sacred Marriage and voice of the Native Hopis.

The Union with SELF.
The Union with ALL Beings.
The Union with LIFE.

We were greeted by a much different picture when
we arrived but the Indians were waiting and showed
US again what we had forgotten and where humanity
is standing today.  As we started to leave, the Native
Indian said to us, "My brother has some poems for you
please do not leave."  A man appeared out of know where
and handed me a series of poems, which I am sharing the first one here. Tears streamed down my face as he read the poem about
the sacred marriage---which used the metaphor of the rainbow and two worlds joining from end to end.

With this letter, I am gifting you with 3
sacred meditations with the memories embedded
in each one. The music birthed by two of sacred beings, Blue Star and Peter Sterling, who were sent here to remind us of our LOVE and Truth! The MAIDEN is honoring her promise to share that which
we have forgotten and that which lies right before US.

If we so do choose, we can find the Path Home and merge
into our Sacred Marriage, and birth the Seeds of LIGHT!

BlueStar (BlueStarLove) and Peter Sterling. . . I bow to
both of you with deep gratitude and LOVE!
Please honor these beings for their gifts are
for all of you and are from beyond this world!
Please support their sacred gifts with gifts of love.

If you are inspired please Pay these Gifts of Love Forward
to all of you love. During these extreme times of change
connecting with our inner self and finding balance will lead us to HOME.

I thank the Hopi's for calling me home and returning
the poems to me. I am sharing the first poem with the words
from the Hopi Farrow Suly, Sacred Marriage, and poems, Path to Home and Seeds of Light, from the Maiden. . .

We are ALL being given an opportunity to travel HOME.

Take these gifts in as you wish: a meditation, a prayer or a lullyawake.

With deep gratitude I give thanks to all of you! Enjoy!

Giving Thanks to BlueStar for creating this for my includes everything from the e-book, 6 guided meditations, audio book and the single, "Loving from Within". All a gift of his creation with the opportunity for others to receive and give.
Loving from Within gift!
Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhvantu!
Life to All! Love to All! Peace to All!

Jane get me off this CRAZY thing. . .

Jane get me off this CRAZY thing. . .(listen to this letter click here)

During this summer, I was given the opportunity and an invitation to move beyond my mental constructs. A mind, which I manage to keep empty most of the time, that was still filled with intellectual reasons, obligations and long dissertations to rationalize whatever I thought was or should be. As I let go of my mental constructs and additional faces of my ego, I found myself connecting the dots which revealed a picture of our society...that to be perfectly honest made me very sad. I saw the full picture and it was a reflection of a society that has been built on the complete opposite of anything I know to be true or necessary...FEAR and Control.

This is the pandemic disEASE, not the war on terrorism, the financial crisis, the swine flu, global warming...these are the catalysts that perpetuate FEAR.  They have been co-created by many people on this planet to keep this world in a place of control. I personally felt in certain moments like I was on the titanic as I digested the series of events that have lead us to this point and time. In that moment, I had to make a choice, I asked myself, "Do I just go to the lower decks and rest in peace?" OR "Do I try to make it back to land? Would it be worth it?" Without really knowing where we are headed on this planet. I decided I would swim to shore. I would commit to what I know to be true for me and the only thing that I can count on no matter what...LOVE and my PEACE. With these two treasures in my heart, I was able to traverse through this period of time and accept the invitation we are being given. We are being invited to make a choice and are being provided with an opportunity.  Are we going to tolerate, co-create and perpetuate this disEASE anymore?  I ask all of you, "Are you ready to let go of the fear and control?"

If the answer is "YES". . .then we can take the first step together by stepping into our TRUTHS; which will enable us to live and embody nonviolence, truthfulness, integrity, non-attachment, simplicity, contentment, purification, refinement, non-judgment and humility. We make the choice everyday to stay in truth when we speak, take action and form thoughts about ourselves, our soil and our society. It is within every moment that we have the opportunity to speak from our heart, act from our heart, and live from our heart or we can continue to support the one thing that potentially will destroy this human race....FEAR.

I can only share with you what has occurred for me as I decided to leave fear and control behind and stand in my Truth. It meant that I had to let go of all things that were not my truth which included my marriage, my business, new endeavors, resources, and relationships. As I let go I faced many moments of being uncomfortable in my heart and my mind but I managed and continue to breath through these moments. Ultimately, I feel FREE. I have embraced my nothingness and finally saw the face of humility. I have begun to embody it. This will allow me to walk forward in service with those whom I am to help with a full heart, a soft gaze and deep trust.

Again, I ask you, "Are you ready to live in TRUTH and IN LOVE? " If the answer is YES...then come together in community as a collective to support each other authentically and begin to transform this planet with Joy, Laughter, Playfulness, with the children leading this REVOLUTION. 
YES it is this easy...LOVE + PEACE = Happiness

 I point to two links that can support and inspire you as we begin to Live from our Heart... the words from His Holiness, the Dalai Lama and reconnect with the Gifts of Love Meditations. Music and content are compliments from BlueStar, Peter Sterling, Freedom, Michelle Dumond, the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

In Love to all of you!

Suzanne Toro

Links: Cultivating Happiness by Dalai Lama, Path to Home!, Sacred Marriage , and Seeds of LIGHT!

Pay it forward:
BlueStar (BlueStarLove)
Peter Sterling
Michelle Dumond
His Holiness
and the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education
. . . I bow to all of you with deep gratitude and LOVE!
Please honor these beings for their gifts are
for all of you and are from beyond this world! 

With deep gratitude I give thanks to all of you! Enjoy!
Connect with your BREATH:  Magical StarChildren by BlueStar the recent births...

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhvantu!
Life to All! Love to All! Peace to All!