Monday, April 26, 2010

Society: Some say it is just SMOKE and MIRRORS...The symbolism embedded in Multi-Media

Hall of MIRRORS: Connecting back to Self, Soil and Society (part 3 of 3)

Today, I was greeted in my skype in box with a blog link from Blue. Someone wanted to know if I was still promoting “this group”---The Black Eyed Peas. 

Their question stemmed from this blog:

I felt compelled to comment and this is how I responded: 

“Your ability to look at the IMMA BE video content and take many aspects from it is quite in depth and potentially proves: 

1. We are influenced by our environment. 

(Note: You draw attention to Will’s logo with the owl. Please note he used this brand in the Haiti relief effort too, not just his clothing line. Owls are a design motif and are very popular right now: merchandise, clothing, products. While it could be a symbol of death and it might be appropriate. It feels to me like our world is going through a literal and metaphorical death on many levels. In addition, the owl represents many things including wisdom. It is possible Will is reflecting what we are all feeling and he has his own identification with the owl. You better ask him.)

2. Our perception directly relates to how we perceive a book, a movie or any aspect of life.

(Note: the video provoked you and ignited something in you to take the time analyze it and showing all the hidden meanings. Brilliant and in-depth undertaking. I would encourage you to do this with a master piece. The BEP’s intention with this entire album was developed from the primal need to just escape and wanting others to have fun and forget all their stress. All the music is simple repetitive and embeds itself in your mind. Quite frankly I find it maddening but children love it. What they are embedding if you listen to the words they do not even match up to the video and the incorporate a second song called rock your body. Which is just another song about CHICKS. So, it is really hard knowing the simpletons that the BEPs are at heart that there was even this much thought put into all the hidden meanings.)

3. Symbolism does have a powerful place in the conceptual process, development and final creative product. 

(Note: the suggestion that transhumanism is a core belief system of Will’s or the Black Eyed Pea’s is questionable; however, I cannot speak for any of them nor should any of us for that matter. I would suggest posting this on his page at Dipdive and see if he responds.) 

I can assure you that while the BEPs have influenced millions, the thought and meanings you put into this article---potentially do not exist within the creation of this video or the music. However, I do think you raise a good point that we should all be mindful with what we present to the world. Especially, if we have millions of eyes on us and we are making millions of impressions. 

I personally would have guided them to suggest and inspire others to think about the possibility of our future. 

Which could be as you know, quite the opposite of what seems to inspire...WILL.I.AM. I can only speak from my observations and interactions with all four of the BEPs is they have kind hearts, filled with the desire to be loved and to love...and the power to entertain the world. Even though, their music might not vibrate at a high harmonic frequency, they proved me wrong...the world still wants to shake their booty and have a good time. I GOTTA FEELING...there is something else embedded in this album and IMMMA BE.  To hear more of the their true nature check out ONE TRIBE and Where is the LOVE.”

I leave all of you with this if you had a million eyes on you and a 3-5 minute music video to communicate your reflection---what do you want to mirror to the world. 

Send me your link and your reflection to 

In service with love, laughter and peace,


Monday, April 19, 2010

Hall of MIRRORS: Connecting back to Self, Soil and Society (part 2 of 3)

 SOIL: You are what you eat?

It was a peaceful afternoon on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. Blue and I set out to interview a woman named Dawn Myers from Backyard Bounty. Dawn, former project manager for a software development company, followed her calling to make a difference in the world. Three years ago she had the desire to grow organic fruits and veggies---a passion Dawn had fostered for 20 years by growing organic veggies for family and friends. Paul, her husband, encouraged her to take the leap and leave the desk job behind and start Backyard Bounty. Dawn confident in her ability to grow food with a deep desire to get her hands in the soil full-time while providing organic, locally grown produce, moved with Paul to Gibsons and started a CSA program.

The seed of Backyard Bounty started in the front yard Dawn’s home. She and Paul took the entire lawn and converted it into a vegetable crop. Which she grows from 5 months out of the year. From there Paul built a greenhouse out of salvaged items from the local dump. Their combined efforts have created the infrastructure needed for their urban farming. As I spoke with both of them about what inspired them to start this project. They both shared how produce in our markets is rather limited. We have settled for the basics and relied on hormones, chemicals and pesticides to produce the basics. Dawn grows 92 varieties of vegetables which gives here community a new food experience. As she pointed out her clients are not afraid to try new things because it is included in their box of produce each week.  She even includes recipes for those who have not idea what to do with certain vegetables.

What you struck me was as Paul described the strawberries available in the supermarket. He said, “Everything is right about the strawberry. It is the right shape, size and color but it does not taste like a strawberry.” Then, the very next day, I walked into a local supermarket. A man picked up a carton of strawberries and looked at his friend and she said, “You can get those strawberries but they do not taste like strawberries.”  He looked at her and then put the strawberries back. As I walked up and down the isles of food, I felt tears swell up in my eyes. We have settled for processed foods, packaged meals, and fruits and vegetables that do not taste like real food.  As I swallowed my tears and watched people aimlessly move through the store selecting the food that was a good value or on special. I realized we are what we eat. I ask you, If that is statement is true, what do you deserve and what do you choose to nourish your body and family with? Chemicals, processed foods with preservatives, dyes and chemicals? OR Fresh, locally grown, organic food which supports your well being and your community? What do you want to mirror?

With that I give great thanks to Dawn and Paul for being committed to delivering organic produce to their community! Check them out at...localorganicveggies

Friday, April 16, 2010


Soft threads wrapping
around a shell.

 A precious stone
buried beneath
 the tongue of many
forgotten stories.

  Curves with brilliance
in conjecture.

  An outlandish,
  from the cockles
of the connect.

 Chortles rattle
off the hard walls.
  Softening the
interior with
   each impression.

 The mouth opens
revealing truth...
in the belly
 of laughter.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hall of MIRRORS: Connecting back to Self, Soil and Society (part 1 of 3)

Self...Reflections...What are you mirroring in your day to day lives?  It is your Truth?

Last week, I sat down to write about the hall of mirrors. It seemed effortless, I would weave a thread, between our self, the soil and our society, connecting us back to the many reflections we project to others and observe on a daily basis. Then, as the day progressed it appeared that I was destined to learn more about truth. I was being asked again to stand in my truth. That the reflection I was seeing and hearing all day was stand in your truth. Be honest with where you are right in this moment and if you look around everyone that is close to you is mirroring to you what your afraid to admit about yourself or reveal.

You might ask, “So what did you see in your reflection or who is the fairest of them all?”  I saw myself, the earth, and humanity depleted tired and ready for a SHIFT. I saw myself scared and slightly worried about if the world economy was going to implode or metamorphous into a new era. I saw myself still clinging to the OLD paradigm. Then, as I traversed through a series of emotions...I took a deep breath and said myself, “It is not my TRUTH to project or embody FEAR or scarcity.” Those emotions leave all of us feeling depleted.

You might ask, “how do you shift this reflection?”

First, I needed to allow those emotions to wash through me, like a soft rain on a summer day after a huge lightening storm. Then, I released the anxiety stress and emotions go by taking several deep breaths. Second, I decided to shift the reflection and move back to a position where I was forward moving. Taking action to attract what I needed. Rather than hold onto old ideals and methodologies, I let go and opened up to what is possible now.  Third, I reminded myself of where I want to stand in my truth which is committed to reminding the world of their divine nature, pure love, laughter and inner peace. By connecting back to my true self, I felt calm and ready to keep moving forward and committed to reflecting serenity.

What is your truth? Connect with it, embody it and mirror it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Society: Money Matters or Does it?

Does it?  After traveling to a small farming community, I witnessed the value and power of the barter system.  The exchange of physical goods and services are keeping a small town moving forward. Which made me think of all the clothes, extra computers, and unopened boxes that are collecting dust in my attic. These are wasted resources and we all have them. I encourage you to start to think about what you have to exchange personally and professionally. Rather than being rooted in the belief that you can only offer your time for the GREENBACKS think strategically and make choices based on your vision, your needs and the desired outcome. The return on investment (ROI) from each exchange and collaboration might far exceed your expectations.

Soil: Get DIRTY. . . Plant a Garden!

1. Improve your family's health.
2. Save money on groceries.
3. Reduce your environmental    impact.
4. Get outdoor exercise.
5. Enjoy better-tasting food.
6. Reduce food waste.
7. Discover your green THUMB!
8. Extra food to share with others. 
9. Guaranteed time with Nature.

Check out the zlovewave...

SELF: Make love to your food. . .

What have you been waiting for? is what nourishes our physical body, provides many of us with comfort, and others are starving without it. In developed countries, food is readily available and often consumed rapidly and without gratitude. It is easy to forget all the steps it took to deliver each meal to our dining rooms. Alternatively, in under developed countries, food is part of survival and an integral part of each day.

What I have come to value from visiting small villages and underdeveloped communities is the attention put into consuming and preparing the food. I have watched an entire family prepare a feast for each other and then take the time to eat for hours on end. During the meals, they eat with their hands, laughing, and licking their fingers. Just watching everyone enjoy, makes my heart skip and my mouth water. This experience inspired me to start eating as many meals as possible with my hands.

If you want to begin making love with your food, I encourage you to leave the silverware in the kitchen. Can you imagine rolling around in bed with your lover with a utensil to avoid physical contact, until he or she was delivered to your mouth? Until next time...Try it! I will share a few more ways to make LOVE with your FOOD and the many health benefits.