Monday, April 26, 2010

Society: Some say it is just SMOKE and MIRRORS...The symbolism embedded in Multi-Media

Hall of MIRRORS: Connecting back to Self, Soil and Society (part 3 of 3)

Today, I was greeted in my skype in box with a blog link from Blue. Someone wanted to know if I was still promoting “this group”---The Black Eyed Peas. 

Their question stemmed from this blog:

I felt compelled to comment and this is how I responded: 

“Your ability to look at the IMMA BE video content and take many aspects from it is quite in depth and potentially proves: 

1. We are influenced by our environment. 

(Note: You draw attention to Will’s logo with the owl. Please note he used this brand in the Haiti relief effort too, not just his clothing line. Owls are a design motif and are very popular right now: merchandise, clothing, products. While it could be a symbol of death and it might be appropriate. It feels to me like our world is going through a literal and metaphorical death on many levels. In addition, the owl represents many things including wisdom. It is possible Will is reflecting what we are all feeling and he has his own identification with the owl. You better ask him.)

2. Our perception directly relates to how we perceive a book, a movie or any aspect of life.

(Note: the video provoked you and ignited something in you to take the time analyze it and showing all the hidden meanings. Brilliant and in-depth undertaking. I would encourage you to do this with a master piece. The BEP’s intention with this entire album was developed from the primal need to just escape and wanting others to have fun and forget all their stress. All the music is simple repetitive and embeds itself in your mind. Quite frankly I find it maddening but children love it. What they are embedding if you listen to the words they do not even match up to the video and the incorporate a second song called rock your body. Which is just another song about CHICKS. So, it is really hard knowing the simpletons that the BEPs are at heart that there was even this much thought put into all the hidden meanings.)

3. Symbolism does have a powerful place in the conceptual process, development and final creative product. 

(Note: the suggestion that transhumanism is a core belief system of Will’s or the Black Eyed Pea’s is questionable; however, I cannot speak for any of them nor should any of us for that matter. I would suggest posting this on his page at Dipdive and see if he responds.) 

I can assure you that while the BEPs have influenced millions, the thought and meanings you put into this article---potentially do not exist within the creation of this video or the music. However, I do think you raise a good point that we should all be mindful with what we present to the world. Especially, if we have millions of eyes on us and we are making millions of impressions. 

I personally would have guided them to suggest and inspire others to think about the possibility of our future. 

Which could be as you know, quite the opposite of what seems to inspire...WILL.I.AM. I can only speak from my observations and interactions with all four of the BEPs is they have kind hearts, filled with the desire to be loved and to love...and the power to entertain the world. Even though, their music might not vibrate at a high harmonic frequency, they proved me wrong...the world still wants to shake their booty and have a good time. I GOTTA FEELING...there is something else embedded in this album and IMMMA BE.  To hear more of the their true nature check out ONE TRIBE and Where is the LOVE.”

I leave all of you with this if you had a million eyes on you and a 3-5 minute music video to communicate your reflection---what do you want to mirror to the world. 

Send me your link and your reflection to 

In service with love, laughter and peace,


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  1. Beautifully put.
    You and your words do carry the soul deeper into the untainted clarity of the cosmic essence.Reading your blog gives me such an feeling of grounded peace and more importantly the reality of our own creations.

    Keep writing ohh dearest.