Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hall of MIRRORS: Connecting back to Self, Soil and Society (part 1 of 3)

Self...Reflections...What are you mirroring in your day to day lives?  It is your Truth?

Last week, I sat down to write about the hall of mirrors. It seemed effortless, I would weave a thread, between our self, the soil and our society, connecting us back to the many reflections we project to others and observe on a daily basis. Then, as the day progressed it appeared that I was destined to learn more about truth. I was being asked again to stand in my truth. That the reflection I was seeing and hearing all day was stand in your truth. Be honest with where you are right in this moment and if you look around everyone that is close to you is mirroring to you what your afraid to admit about yourself or reveal.

You might ask, “So what did you see in your reflection or who is the fairest of them all?”  I saw myself, the earth, and humanity depleted tired and ready for a SHIFT. I saw myself scared and slightly worried about if the world economy was going to implode or metamorphous into a new era. I saw myself still clinging to the OLD paradigm. Then, as I traversed through a series of emotions...I took a deep breath and said myself, “It is not my TRUTH to project or embody FEAR or scarcity.” Those emotions leave all of us feeling depleted.

You might ask, “how do you shift this reflection?”

First, I needed to allow those emotions to wash through me, like a soft rain on a summer day after a huge lightening storm. Then, I released the anxiety stress and emotions go by taking several deep breaths. Second, I decided to shift the reflection and move back to a position where I was forward moving. Taking action to attract what I needed. Rather than hold onto old ideals and methodologies, I let go and opened up to what is possible now.  Third, I reminded myself of where I want to stand in my truth which is committed to reminding the world of their divine nature, pure love, laughter and inner peace. By connecting back to my true self, I felt calm and ready to keep moving forward and committed to reflecting serenity.

What is your truth? Connect with it, embody it and mirror it!

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