Friday, March 26, 2010

Trusting LOVE to reveal the TRUTH!

I am flying home from the sunshine coast in British Columbia, Canada.  Where in five short days, I reconnected in the physical realm to a dream, a reality and a memory of someone that has captured the attention of many, including me. Blue Star lives in the mystical Elfinstone, B.C. Canada where he creates many gifts for humanity. His voice and spirit are being fed into the creation of the magical “children” (the flutes), his film productions and simplicity.

Blue and I have been traversing a similar path through Arizona, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Canada, California and many other parts of the world weaving our way in and out of a story still being revealed to both of us. However, I am certain this story has been about LOVE, TRUST and making a commitment to speak and embody our TRUTH in every moment. 

Our adventures have required both of us to let go of many aspects of ourselves. Which is leading us to our metaphorical is within our slow death that we are starting to live in our truth. During our short visit, we often looked into each other’s eyes reflecting and resurrecting the truths that we have not always had the strength to speak from our inner voice. Simultaneously, realizing that we have not been heard or trusted ourselves enough to completely embody and share our divine gifts with the world. With this deep realization about myself, I am continuing to surrender to all aspects of myself.

As we started to co-create, the passion seemed to rise up in both of us as our reflections intensified. Our common and different passions for life were revealed to both of us. The film maker in Blue wanted to record these deep passionate revelations; while the, still, somewhat timid side of myself had not surrendered to sharing my truth on film. Which made me realize, I should not be afraid to share my truth with others.  Most importantly, it is time for both of us to feed our passions into the world.  Our fire will lift us up and ultimately those who resonate with our TRUE VOICES will be there to share their wisdom with us.

Which leads me to share what I stumbled upon during my journey to Elfinstone:

“This is a noble place to be as a composer, and if Mozart was correct in saying that death is truly the goal of life, then his last two works surely represent the Mozartian musical ideals: Love, Forgiveness, Tolerance and the Brotherhood of Man”

We are finally free when we no longer need to forgive ourselves for our actions. Which enables us to live in love and truth as we embody tolerance and celebrate the brotherhood of humanKind. Until the next time, where we will tune into all that we are letting go of and the creations that will result from our new found FREEDOM.

In Love,


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


zlovewave project is an unique initiative of a community based approach to bringing in WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS transformation through Music, Education and a sustainable alternate action approach to some of the most pressing problems of our everyday life. The Collective is  very important in today’s world in ushering in positive changes through the right dissemination of information & solutions which can pave the way for a living more healthy and abundant in all respects.

Each one of us can do our part by taking action in our lives by creating the LIFE we want to live. All that is required is LOVE and the willingness to come together as a community. This conception will inspire everyone to participate and implement their own divine ideas to catalyze, deploy and support existing and new solutions for our planet and its inhabitants With the vision of harnessing the power of the Collective through the Platform of Music & Edutainment spiced with Love, this seed experiment heralds the beats of the Next-wave in this world seeking love.
The basic ingredients on which zlovewave is based are through Music & Arts, Change agents & Action. Every month zLovewave will introduce Artists, a peak into the vision & work of the agents of social innovation along with unveiling simple actions of Love to engrain in our daily life.      
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Love through Music carries the power to change the world. The Intention is to bring a transformation in the visual & performing arts, develop a community of forthcoming artists, to support their gifts of music and expression while eliminating the many cumbersome activities required for maintaining and creating a successful career in the Music & Arts Industry.

zlovewave is a show that will be created to connect our global community back to the truth and beauty of music, the arts and the spoken word. These three elements will create a continuous loop which provides the person attending the show to go to a consistent location for content and a medium that is intended to inspire them remind them of living in harmony with themselves, others and the planet. Each show will be inspired by the artists music and the visual expression that support the story or their creation and the integration of the parables that remind us of the art of living. The use of harmonic frequency, visual imagery and spoken word will lead the person attending to a better understanding of what is truly important in their life. For some it might serve as a daily reminder and for other it might exist in the background as they are working or playing.

The Global agents of Innovation puts the limelight on torchbearers in real life who are flaming symbols for change in their local communities. The focus is to bring their efforts at a global level to champion their causes and at the same time present before the world the power behind the words –“Real Change starts at home”. zlovewave takes you to the personal journey of these unsung heroes in our own backyard whose activities are based on pure love & service for the global family.

Acts of Love is based on the ideology of manifesting our heart’s dreams with the first click of support for this enduring global vision. The acts of love forum would focus on simple but long-lasting steps to actually bring the love element through communities in our everyday life. The acts of love not only showcases simple ways of sharing love & support but also actually call every human being in supporting this cause for the highest purpose. The Call to Action for this love wave is to inspire you to plant a garden in your own backyard, lend a supportive hand to whoever needs help, champion and buzz about individuals in your own backyard who do community service in their own special way, the list goes endless.
A Global Call – It is time to come together beyond borders, beyond races, beyond the barriers of caste, creed or sex for the call is sounded for humanity to be the next light workers of change

Click for Love Campaign
Take action, Click and you start the Change:
  • Artist receives global exposure, a gift of love & a monetary exchange is reciprocated for the song gifted.
  • Agent of Innovation receives global accolades, a gift of love and monetary surprise delivered right to their project by zlovewave.
  • U receive a new song for your play list, a full heart from helping others, and a call to ACTION.
One brick a time, One hand a time, One love a time, One plant a time will this wave rise.

Let’s see if we can SIMPLY start a Revolution! 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Loving Someone Enough to say Good-BYE!

During the beginning of my pregnancy, Jimmy started to lose his eyesight. He lost weight and moved in and out of the hospital. I tried to breathe words of hope into his heart. Simultaneously, I was pulling away from him. I was afraid of not being able to survive without him. I meditated and prayed for him over and over again but I started to understand that Jimmy’s destiny was very different from all of ours. He was here to touch many lives in a short period of time and there was a great beauty and simplicity in the impact he had on others. I was starting to truly accept that his life would be coming to an end.

As my pregnancy progressed, Jimmy became increasingly ill and ultimately went blind. He always loved having my son, Kesic over to feed his fish and he was crushed that he could not see him any more. For the first time, he was frustrated and did not want to accept that he had to rely on others. I began to feel guilty, wishing that I could have been a better friend to Jimmy. I was 8 months pregnant when Jimmy was admitted into the hospital one final time. He was so weak and in so much pain, I could see he was slipping away.

I selfishly wanted Jimmy with us forever but knew this was not the way anyone should live. When I went by the hospital to see him he was on so much morphine that he was not very lucid. When I walked into his room, I knew it was going to be the last time I saw him. Ken and I had an anniversary trip planned for the upcoming weekend and I was certain Jimmy would kick my bottom to the moon and back if we did not go. Our baby was due in a month and this would be our last chance to get away. The hospital staff did not like having a pregnant woman in his room but I ignored their demands. I went into his room and placed his hand on my belly. I just let him feel my belly and then I grabbed his hand and put my mouth to his ear, and I whispered, “I love you. It is okay to go now.” I kissed his check with tears running down my face and whispered, “Good-bye”.

We left on our trip that afternoon and while I felt a lot of anxiety and guilt, I knew that Jimmy would want Ken and me to go on our trip. Yet, I could not shake the great sense of selfishness. I was feeling a sense of confusion not knowing how to be there for Jimmy and truly thinking of Jimmy and his spirit being in bondage in his body. As Ken and I drove up the coast, I began to cry and worry that we should go back, and then suddenly I felt Jimmy’s presence. He was with me, telling me to go and make peace with saying good-bye.

I took the time during our stay to connect with my husband, my baby and my own soul. I made peace with the fact that my Jimmy would be leaving very soon. I was fortunate enough to be staying at a beautiful spa with these magical gardens and a labyrinth made out of large stones. I went to the labyrinth on our final morning there, and as I walked slowly inward I said good-bye to a great love and confidant, one last time. Letting go of Jimmy was a metaphor for my acceptance and willingness to move forward and know that I could survive without him. I was ready to move on and soar with the birds; I put my needs aside and truly embrace the freedom Jimmy deserved in death. Jimmy truly had impacted my life and I felt a deep sense of gratitude for him.

Within this experience of releasing and surrendering to death, I opened myself up to live a fuller life. I began to understand that there is no permanence in life or in death. It is just an endless cycle, which will continue to expand and contract. It became very clear to me that I had the choice to embrace the full cycle of life and move beyond the bondage I felt as my dear friend was dying. I wanted the freedom Jimmy felt.

I carried the peace and knowledge I found in his death with me as a reminder and over the course of the next six months I lost three more young friends who had touched my life. All of them carried the beautiful message to embrace life in every moment you can. Watching all these beautiful friends die, I realized how much I attached myself to their situations and how I did many odd things to cope and protect myself from the potential loss. In their deaths I had to find compassion for myself because initially I began to beat myself up, that I should have been there more or said more or done more. I had to stop the dialogue within my mind and surrender to myself and acknowledge I was doing the best I could within that moment in my life. This is something that we all have to understand about ourselves and others: ultimately we all are doing the best we can. This is never truer then when confronted with someone’s death. It is not a time to judge yourself or others; it is what it is, nothing more and nothing less. Once, you get to a place of acceptance, the judgment slowly moves away and you are able to move on with an open heart. This will allow you to approach all the future dramas that cross your path with true compassion; the drama/pain/trouble will become effortless and much easier to manage. As you embrace and start to really feel the true meaning of compassion you can rely on one thing to support you through the process--Love. It is your essence to your core and you naturally possess the power to share it.

You are love! “Aham Prema”, I am Divine Love!