Friday, March 26, 2010

Trusting LOVE to reveal the TRUTH!

I am flying home from the sunshine coast in British Columbia, Canada.  Where in five short days, I reconnected in the physical realm to a dream, a reality and a memory of someone that has captured the attention of many, including me. Blue Star lives in the mystical Elfinstone, B.C. Canada where he creates many gifts for humanity. His voice and spirit are being fed into the creation of the magical “children” (the flutes), his film productions and simplicity.

Blue and I have been traversing a similar path through Arizona, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Canada, California and many other parts of the world weaving our way in and out of a story still being revealed to both of us. However, I am certain this story has been about LOVE, TRUST and making a commitment to speak and embody our TRUTH in every moment. 

Our adventures have required both of us to let go of many aspects of ourselves. Which is leading us to our metaphorical is within our slow death that we are starting to live in our truth. During our short visit, we often looked into each other’s eyes reflecting and resurrecting the truths that we have not always had the strength to speak from our inner voice. Simultaneously, realizing that we have not been heard or trusted ourselves enough to completely embody and share our divine gifts with the world. With this deep realization about myself, I am continuing to surrender to all aspects of myself.

As we started to co-create, the passion seemed to rise up in both of us as our reflections intensified. Our common and different passions for life were revealed to both of us. The film maker in Blue wanted to record these deep passionate revelations; while the, still, somewhat timid side of myself had not surrendered to sharing my truth on film. Which made me realize, I should not be afraid to share my truth with others.  Most importantly, it is time for both of us to feed our passions into the world.  Our fire will lift us up and ultimately those who resonate with our TRUE VOICES will be there to share their wisdom with us.

Which leads me to share what I stumbled upon during my journey to Elfinstone:

“This is a noble place to be as a composer, and if Mozart was correct in saying that death is truly the goal of life, then his last two works surely represent the Mozartian musical ideals: Love, Forgiveness, Tolerance and the Brotherhood of Man”

We are finally free when we no longer need to forgive ourselves for our actions. Which enables us to live in love and truth as we embody tolerance and celebrate the brotherhood of humanKind. Until the next time, where we will tune into all that we are letting go of and the creations that will result from our new found FREEDOM.

In Love,


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