Friday, January 15, 2010

Just Trust!

What lies between two shores?
An exploration of an uncharted sea
A story no longer influenced by history’s past
A story which unfolds at the dawn of each new day
The cravings have subsided and the desires sent astray
Asking of you to come dance on my shore
And I will dance on yours
Exploring the rapture in the uncertainty
                Uncovering our laughter
Which feeds heaven’s doors
                With no attachment only
Wonderment for what lies
                Beneath these once troubled waters
Ready to immerse myself in what has been
                Placed in front of us with great serendipity
Rather than run as we have in our Ancient pasts
                I stand before you offering you my truth
And giving you my hands with trust and certainty
I ask you to stay awhile
Or as long as our flame continues to burn
Place your shield and staff on the floor
And trust something greater than all our wisdoms
Leading each other with a soft gaze and a full heart
Penetrating each day with a new story…yet to be told
                Just Trust that which is to unfold

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