Friday, January 15, 2010

Authenticity . . . living at your highest truth

Authenticity . . . living at your highest truth

In the past few years, I have been on a journey which I am certain to many family and friends has seemed unexplainable. Many friends and family have created their own opinions and stories around my choices and my life.  Acknowledging that, my journey is not anymore important than the next persons on this planet; however, I believe this journey has delivered me to a place of truth and understanding of where I want to reside. You might ask, “So, what does this have to do with me?” I will reply, “A lot! I believe there is value in me sharing the many lessons I have learned thus far and you will find the intrinsic value in your life.”

Recently, I have been travel the world and I have seen many reflections of myself and our society all bundled into each location. I have witnessed cultures becoming extinct, societies crumbling and people loosing hope. On some level, I have watched over the past two years cultures metaphorically transition from one humanity and seeds being planted for a new societies to be born. Each of these experiences has lead me to a place of surrender and letting go of what I think I might know.

Most of our global community has become paralyzed by fear and uncertainty. I could and have chosen fear and paralysis many times in the past few years. However, in those moments when I felt the fear consume me; I decided I did not want to stay there. It would not serve me or anyone around me. Rather than allow the fear to consume me, I used its momentum to propel me forward. Which ultimately has landed me in a place of complete understanding of where I want to stand.  I can finally state that I want to stand in authenticity. I have observed many faces of authenticity or lack there of.  We all will ultimately have many different faces of truth. However, I have yet to find many people authentically standing in their truth. It is a tall order to live the life that makes us feel the most peaceful; especially, in times when there are so many uncertainties presented to us everyday. Uncertainty invites us to take make extreme choices and over indulge which might serve us in moderation. These layers of authenticity have made me question my own codes of conduct. While still traversing through what feels natural and what I use to help me personally cope and avoid walking in my truth.  I have made me want to commit to my highest truth. Rather than get on a soap box and orate all that rings true for me. I just want to embody and integrate all that I know to be my truth in this moment. I want to fully acknowledge that my truth will evolve and change. In case some of you are thinking, “When is she going to start wearing the flowing white robes?”

I share this with all of you to challenge you to examine your HIGHEST truth. Where are you being authentic in your life and where are you continually lead astray? Start by acknowledging what needs to be removed or accepted. It does not mean we all need to be means we might just want to embrace all aspects of SELF and embody it. Embrace the light and dark side of yourself...walk in GRACE!

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